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August 24, 2017

8 months into 2017 and so much change….

…which is a truly GREAT thing!

DFP now lives in new corporate premises at Unit 8 / 56 Buffalo Rd, Gladesville.

Leichhardt was a good home for 6 years but with the business rapidly expanding in its three core areas of engagement, the Gladesville site allows a great new base for us to develop and grow.

Buffalo Rd

 ….but a change of address is just the start.

We are reinventing our media approach across a number of relevant platforms including a new website coming soon! plus revised facebook page along with new instagram and linkedin positioning.

FACEBOOK          :     

INSTAGRAM        :     

LINKEDIN             :     


There will also be a review of DFP branding and logo as we re-energise, re-focus and re-set with a new business structure, approach and focus while keeping to the core principal of exceptional which has made us one of the best entertainment, technical and creative solution houses in Sydney.

Exciting times for us, our existing clients and future connections.

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September 3, 2013

Somewhere back in time…..

Somewhere back in time…..the world changed at DFP…..

We moved address to beautiful downtown Leichhardt – home of red wine, pasta and superb coffee – gained an office warehouse, changed some staff, experimented with a google cloud server, the directors took real hols and basically the world turned significantly for Sydney’s best entertainment, production and event consultancy.

Office 2

….so what then, well…the staff changes involved saying goodbye to some and giving a warm welcome to others including Dan Plant in ops and, most recently, Yan Qi in accounts to assist the indefatigable Jacqui Cocker….the women behind the men at DFP.

In the new premises there was some interesting fancy footwork re computer configuration and somewhere along the line we suffered a nasty mini-cyber attack and hence the longish absence from the net. Have no fear……back up and running with a new web approach on the drawing boards. We will be redefining DFP in web world so, as they say, WATCH THIS SPACE.

So 2013 is slipping away oh so quickly. What has been happening at DFP this year? …

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July 2, 2011

Second year running and, picture perfect…

For the second year running DFP was honored to be asked by sponsor Canon, to be involved in the staging and presentation for the Sydney launch of the winners of the 2010 World Press Photo contest.


Launched at the NSW State Library on Friday 1st July and running until the 24th July the exhibition, now in its 54th year, is universally acknowledged as the world’s premier competition for photojournalism and its accolades are coveted by photographers across the globe.

“This year’s World Press Photo exhibition will stun and captivate audiences with some of the most powerful images of world events from 2010,” says Chris Macleod, Brand Manager – EOS, Canon Australia. “Canon is proud to sponsor this important celebration of photojournalism worldwide as well as locally in Australia.”

The DFP implemented staging was simple, stylish and effective.


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April 15, 2011

MercerBell and the Fairfax Digital Media Games…different!

When MercerBell  approached us about this event it was certainly intriguing.

They were developing a major event scenario for their client, Fairfax Digital and brought us on board to assist in implementing the fun competition games landscape they wanted to conjure in the Exhibition Hall at Australian Technology Park


Guests from the Media & Marketing industry were to spend a crazy evening playing all styles of competitive games, from Nintendo to Foosball to Sumo Wrestling!!! in a pseudo olympic environment with an emphahis on Fairfax Digital marketing collateral.

A bit bizarre but hey, certainly different!

So, where to start? Well guest entry seemed the obvious place and with some creative collusion at our end guests found themselves walking down a running track and then through a massive, curtain-like sign featuring the Digital Media Man himself!

Entry 1

The cavernous Exhibition Hall at ATP required a thoughtful approach to ensure budgets remained under control and ultimately saw an area marked out with crowd fencing, a featured DJ stage and projection screen, glo bars, white dance floor, surround sound PA system and feature sumo and soccer shoot-out areas.   

Sumo2Soccer shootout2

The end result worked just as MercerBell intended for their client and when the final classic tug-o-war occurred between various guest media teams it was nothing short of hilarious though some were very serious about it all, maybe with one of the fabulous prizes that were on offer from Fairfax Digital in mind. 

 Air Hockey  Wii 1

Such a fun night! Smiling faces all round and just a buzz working with the gang at MercerBell to create a night we’re sure Fairfax Digitial and their guests will remember for a long time to come.

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January 12, 2011

Where to start….OK let’s try Merry Xmas & Happy 2011!

As usual DFP frantically busy leading into the silly season with too much happening to sleep, think or blog even!

Star City was a serious focus for DFP given our involvement in entertainment, theming and production.

Many highlights occurred but one of the best was the booking for Katie Noonan  in the oh so special, very exclusive, high rollers, Vermillion Room.

Katie is a class act of the first order and a sheer delight to work with. What a voice! Dan loved mixing her and there was a strong sound and sense of quality coming through the system DFP provided. The unique stage build we created with curved staging and gold chiffon rear drop with sewn in black velveteen borders fitted in perfectly with a room which swims in oppulence and style.

Katie and her guys were VERY happy with the staging and sound, DFP receiving the email message below from the lady herself when we returned to the officer after New Year…

“just a small note of thanks for the recent nye performance. we had a great time and it was a pleasure working with, dan and your team!

very best wishes to you and yours, ktxo


New Picture

Such a nice thing to hear and great way to start the year. Thanks Katie!

2011….watch out for DFP. Here we come!

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November 17, 2010

Football, Chariots, Fashion Fields and even a special wedding…

What’s the old saying? Ah yes, never a dull moment and DFP know this saying only too well since the last blog was set adrift in the internet ether!

There was football fever back at the start of October which saw DFP involved in a myriad of Grand Final activity, a highlight of which was providing the production and management of the St George Dragons Grand Final Luncheon presentation at the Club on the big day itself. This was football fever at its best in the heartland of a finals contender. Definitely a moment in time!

Later in October DFP was honored for the second year running to be asked to ‘display’ the Melbourne Cup Trophy at Rosehill Gardens to an appreciative and awed group of VIP guests. At the appointed time the arrival of the trophy was announced with security entering to place this legendary symbol of Australian racing onto a revolve atop a large gold plinth with feature, built in up-lighting serving to heighten the auror surrounding one of racing’s most glittering prizes. Impressive? Absolutely!

Then…BEN HUR at ANZ Stadium! This was truly a unique event to be associated with, the Marketing Team at ANZ Stadium entrusting DFP to create appropriate thematic atmosphere in the various corporate hospitality areas across the 2 nights of the production.  From statues to fountains, laurel hanging garlands and golden cloth drops, welcoming vestal virgins to dramatic draping and lighting plus unique table centrepieces seemingly from antiquity, 5 areas at ANZ were given the touches to suggest to those attending a glimmer of the style that once was the glory of Rome.


The next event that was an absolute standout for DFP well beyond business, was the much anticipated marriage of one of DFPs directors at Simmer on the Bay in Sydney While the weather proved fickle on the day and two other major DFP events were happening exactly as planned elsewhere,  the groom and blushing bride really were the centre of attention at Simmer in an event with style, warmth, original design flair and great charm. Sometimes it’s nice to step outside what you can create for others and enjoy doing something really meaningful for yourself as was the case with this very special event. Just a great night with lots of health, wealth and happiness to the bride and groom…then, now and always!

Enter the start of November and the race that stops a nation saw DFP very busy on a number of fronts.

At the Cup Day races held at Rosehill Gardens, DFP put on the entertainment cap providing DJs, interactive entertainers, musicians, MCs and even coordinating the children’s pony race down the main straight much to the delight of the crowd.

Further, when a client comes back to you 6 years running it is a flattering thing and DFP delivered a fun raceday experience for the 450 strong members and guests of the SDA also at Rosehill Gardens in the J R Fleming Stand. This quality event featured Tall Pop Syndrome on stage, the inimitable Bruce English as the jolly doorman and lots of fun touches from a grand entry down a red carpet through a gold horseshoe archway to a photobooth complete with fun props so guests could capture that never-to-be-forgotten picture.

Beyond all this there was finally Melbourne Cup Day at Star City, the most exciting venue in town! The DFP theming involvement spanned 3 major areas including the Casino entranceway, the Sports Theatre and feature elements of the VIP luncheon in the Grand Harbour Ballroom.

The Casino entranceway was where the stylish fun started with, on one side, a Royal Ascot white table and chair setting complete with champagne and grey top hat mirrored on the other side with a chic, black race horse sporting a gold satin cover fringed in white tassles both on green astro turf surrounded by colourful amazing floral edging.

Wok - garden tableWok - horse

Once inside the Casino patrons headed to the Sports Theatre for their chance to join in the raceday fun and ultimately to watch the big race on the big screens.

In the Sports Theatre DFP theming remained stylish with an ongoing, elegant yellow and white focus.

Stage set pic 2Stage set pic 

The central round, Astro Turf Stage joined by a small delicate, white curved bridge back to the Main Stage provided the perfect position and setting for the feature MC, Lee Watson (formerly Furlong) to compere a very special day of racing glamour.

But the style wasn’t confined to the Sports Theatre! At the VIP luncheon in the Grand Ballroom the simple colour and elegance of the day was carried through in a room where the prominent feature was a unique, purpose designed rear stage wall with Melbourne Cup 2010 wording remarkably etched out in green turf, cursive lettering that captured the trackside spirit of the day at a glance. This coupled with the striking mini-pagolas around the room saw guests feel as if they were at Flemington itself….mmmm, minus the excessive crowd but plus superb drink, food and festive fun!


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June 11, 2010

The World Cup cometh….

and the world held its collective breath!

From the excitement of the first kick-off in South Africa the event experience which is the World Cup cannot be underestimated. Via media it permeates virtually every level of society and Australia is no different particularly since the boys big effort the last time.

Star City Casino’s Sports Theatre is without doubt one of the best places in Australia to see the telecast of a sporting event and certainly the World Cup provides an event well worth watching.

When the Casino’s Marketing Dept approached Douglas Fabian Productions to create a Casino entry display that captured the excitement and internationalism of the event in 2010, a number of target words came to mind,

  • big event
  • colourful
  • international
  • movement
  • soccer imagery

The concepts were strong and needed to be communicated simply yet effectively.

Douglas Fabian Productions set about developing a design to capture the key elements through:

  1. an eye catching configuration of suspended truss featuring the 32 team, national flags
  2. two oversize classic-look soccer balls suspended at either side of the space
  3. feature lighting to highlight the hanging elements
  4. ground-based, mini moving-head lights creating roving orbs of white spot lighting across the signage
  5. green astro turf stage covering with a featured mini soccer goal post at either side

….and then the DFP result….. 

World Cup Wok 001-Blogg

World Cup Wok 002-blogg

……very dynamic, very colourful, very international, very World Cup 2010!

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