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The Golden Slipper, Amy Meredith & a great staging solution….

Friday, April 15, 2011 6:06 pm

And they said it couldn’t be done!!!

THE ATC REQUEST(Aust Turf Club  : ”What we want is to finish the last race and then exactly 15 minutes after the final horse walks off have current fave-rave band, Amy Meredith playing live in the middle of the main straight.”

THE GENERAL INDUSTRY RESPONSE : ” No. Can’t be done. Even with a mobile truck stage will still take too long to set up. Sorry”

THE DFP RESPONSE : “Mmmmmmm……got an idea…….”

…..SO THEN DAN FROM DFP SAID : “We’re going to build a large stage that’s able to roll on numerous pneumatic tyres for minimal impact then set up the the Front-of-House speakers, lighting and band backline with drum riser on the stage, then on the day, do a rough sound check of the band off track, then use a tractor and crew to roll the fully laden stage onto track to a predetermined spot, then run out power and signal lines from a prepositioned control point and then it will happen and be great!”

THE ATC RESPONSE : Deep breath…..”Right then”…..deafening silence….

A number of meetings later, lots of explanation and some serious preplanning and prep, it simply happened.


On Golden Slipper Day 2011, 15 minutes after the last horse left the main straight Amy Meredith took to the ‘magical’ roll-on stage, picked up their instruments and played a knockout set of playful power pop to an appreciative crowd.

IMGP0022  IMGP0028

Mission accomplished and the final word from Lisa Kazzi the ATC Marketing Executive in charge of the event:

“I would like to say a huge thank you for all the hard work and determination you provided in making the after the last concert work seamlessly on Saturday. No matter how many times I was told by other companies that it couldn’t be done DFP, as always made it happen- thank you!

 I look forward to working with you  in the near future on some exciting projects ATC will present us with.”

Happy days!



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