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Somewhere back in time…..

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 2:42 pm

Somewhere back in time…..the world changed at DFP…..

We moved address to beautiful downtown Leichhardt – home of red wine, pasta and superb coffee – gained an office warehouse, changed some staff, experimented with a google cloud server, the directors took real hols and basically the world turned significantly for Sydney’s best entertainment, production and event consultancy.

Office 2

….so what then, well…the staff changes involved saying goodbye to some and giving a warm welcome to others including Dan Plant in ops and, most recently, Yan Qi in accounts to assist the indefatigable Jacqui Cocker….the women behind the men at DFP.

In the new premises there was some interesting fancy footwork re computer configuration and somewhere along the line we suffered a nasty mini-cyber attack and hence the longish absence from the net. Have no fear……back up and running with a new web approach on the drawing boards. We will be redefining DFP in web world so, as they say, WATCH THIS SPACE.

So 2013 is slipping away oh so quickly. What has been happening at DFP this year? …



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